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We understand the complexities of gathering and organizing sensitive records and documents for health and safety reasons, as well as the need for compliance of mandates and government regulations. For this reason, Vax Validated created a system that takes on the burden and performs these tedious tasks professionally on behalf of businesses and individuals.

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1. Number of Users or Employees or Constituents50150500Unlimited11
2. Online and printable Vax Certificate
3. Vax QR Code linked to online Vax Certificate
4. Vax Validated Digital Badge with HTML script for web, email, blogs, newsletters, social media, etc.
5. Provide certified proof of business compliance of COVID-19 government regulations and mandates
6. Upload employee or Constituents email addresses for automatic retrieval of vax documents by Vax Validated
7. Automatic organization and attachment of all vax documents to the Business Vax Certificate
8. Password protected employee vax records (vaccination cards, booster records, exemption documents, test results, etc.)
9. Automatic removal and addition of employees
10. Manage vax records seamlessly through the Vax Validated online portal
11. Share your vax business certificate with anyone in "real time"
12. Auto share the Business Vax Badge, Vax QR Code and URL link via social media seamlessly through the Vax Validated online portal

Business Silver

Services for Small Businesses
$ 10 Monthly
  • Up to 50 Employees or Constituents

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Services for Medium-Size Businesses
$ 30 Monthly
  • Up to 150 Employees or Constituents

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Services for Large Employers
$ 46 Monthly
  • Up to 500 Employees or Constituents

Business Platinum Plus

Services for Enterprise Businesses
$ 55 Monthly
  • Unlimited Employees or Constituents

Personal Gold

Enhanced Services for Individuals
$ 4 Monthly
  • One Person

Personal Free

Basic Services for Individuals
$ 0 Monthly
  • One Person

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