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Frequently Ask Questions

You can sign up for a free personal account where you can upload your vaccination records and receive your personal Vax Certificate and Vax QR code, as well as other personal benefits such as easy online sharing of your Vax Certificate and QR Code using your social media accounts directly through the Vax Validated Portal. There are various paid membership options for businesses, and paid upgrade options for personal accounts.

Yes. Once a business member uploads employee email addresses into the Vax Validated system, Vax Validated corresponds directly and regularly with the employees to obtain all required COVID-19 records from them so that you don’t have to do the work. Vax Validated then organizes all employee COVID-19 records and attaches them to the company Vax Certificate for easy and immediate access in real time.

Vax Validated will email you weekly progress reports by default, but you can adjust the frequency of the reports within your private Vax Validated portal as you see fit. You can also login to your private Vax Validated portal at any time to view all uploaded employee documents. You can view or download an up-to-date report within the portal at any time, showing the number of employees that have been contacted to upload COVID-19 records by Vax Validated. The report also shows how many times they have been contacted, the last date they were contacted, and the documents they uploaded (if any). You can reset communication with the employee by Vax Validated, and adjust the frequency of communication with all or individual employees directly from the portal.

Yes. Employees will receive an email from Vax Validated to upload any and all  records. If they select to upload weekly vaccination test results, then the system will email them weekly for these records. If they select to upload any other  records, the system will stop contacting them once the appropriate documents are uploaded. All employee  records are kept organized, available and digitally accessible by the company under the Business Vax Certificate at all times.

Vax Validated provides an easy way for businesses to obtain COVID-19 records from their employees in a streamlined manner, and it keeps the employee records organized, up-to-date in real time, and easily accessible digitally for proof of compliance. Simply provide the Vax QR Code, Vax Badge or Vax Certificate for easy access to the certificate and all attached employee records as proof of compliance. Some jurisdictions may require a separate certification from the business owner. Your Vax Validated Business Vax Certificate can be provided for proof of compliance in addition to any certification that your jurisdiction may require.

Vax Validated offers a password-protected feature for all employee records and attachments. You can enable the password protection feature and set a password of your choice within your Vax Validated private portal. When you set the password, anyone can view the certificate but the employee COVID-19 records and attachments will only be visible to people with whom you share your private password.

Your Business Vax Certificate has your unique Vax QR Code on it. When scanned with any mobile device, your Business Vax Certificate immediately appears with all attachments available as proof of your business COVID-19 health and safety. You can print the Vax Certificate and post it throughout your workplace. Vax Validated makes it easy for you to share your Vax Certificate via any social media source directly from the Vax Validated portal by copying/pasting a unique link that is available in the portal. You also receive a Business Vax Badge for online and offline use. The Business Vax Badge can be posted in your company webpage, newsletters, blogs, etc, via a script that is available in your private Vax Validated portal.

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