Our Company

Vax Validated evolved out of necessity through the COVID-19 pandemic. We're on a mission to help businesses and individuals procure, organize, manage and access important vaccination and medical documents to ensure health, safety and compliance.


Our Company

Vax Validated

Vax Validated is a US company headquartered in Wilmington, DE. We have a vision of helping businesses and individuals
enhance their health and public safety. The company evolved out of necessity through the COVID-19 pandemic.

We understand the complexities of gathering and organizing sensitive and important records for health and safety reasons,
as well as the importance and value of regulation and compliance. For these reasons, Vax Validated created a system that collects, organizes, tracks and manages sensitive employee vaccination and medical records seamlessly, to facilitate a healthy and safe
workplace and enable easy compliance when needed.

We work diligently to provide a professional platform and dashboard portal, and to deliver high quality online services. Vax
Validated company are centered on diligence and integrity with the highest professional standards.

Our Mission

Vax Validated is on a mission to help eliminate the burden of vaccination and medical document procurement, organization, management and compliance, and help maximize  health and safety for businesses and individuals.

Our Values

We work diligently to provide a professional platform and highest quality online services. We aim to deliver our very best to our members every day across our services.  Our company values are centered on diligence and integrity.

Why Vax Validated

For Business

Businesses use Vax Validated to quickly and easily procure and organize vaccination and medical records for streamlined compliance , and for health and safety purposes. Vax Validated does the work for you, so you can focus on what you do best!

Your business or organization immediately receives a Business Vax Certificate, Vax Badge and Vax QR Code upon registration.

Upload the email addresses of your employees or constituents into in your Vax Validated private portal. Vax Validated will then contact them directly to procure all vaccination and medical records you may request, and will
obtain signed HIPAA documents from each of them on behalf of
your organization.
Vax Validated will procure and organize all required vaccination
records, including COVID-19, Flu, Hepatitis, Measles, Mumps,
Rubella, Polio, Varicella (Chickenpox), HPV, and any other
vaccination and/or medical records your organization requires
from your employees or constituents.

All records obtained by Vax Validated are immediately organized and attached under your Business Vax Certificate in real time, for easy and immediate access and proof of compliance, safety and health of your business.

View reports at any time and receive regular reports by email to see the status of employee COVID-19 document uploads. Easily manage Vax Validated communication directly from your private Vax Validated portal.

Easily share the health, safety and compliance status of your organization by posting your Business Vax Badge on your company webpage, blogs, social media, or print the certificate and post it in your workplace. When your unique business Vax QR Code located on your Vax Certificate and Vax Badge is scanned with any mobile device, your business online certificate with proof of vaccination records immediately appears.

Password protect employee records so that anyone can view your Business Vax Certificate, but only people with the private password can access the sensitive documents.

Easily procure and manage all vaccination records from a single place for easy compliance, health and safety of your organization.

Why Vax Validated

For Individuals

Individuals can sign up for a free personal account, upload their vaccination records and receive a personal Vax Certificate and Vax QR code, as well as other benefits such as easy online sharing of their Vax Certificate and QR Code directly from the Vax Validated Portal.

Individuals can upgrade their membership to receive additional benefits including a personal Vax Badge.

Procure, organize, manage, and easily share your business , institutional and personal records for easy compliance and administration with Vax Validated.

Save time and money by letting Vax Validated do the work for you, so you can focus on what you do best.

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