Vax Validated

Vaccination and Medical Records Collection, Organization, Tracking and Certification Software

The software that communicates directly with your employees, students, staff, members, and constituents to collect, organize and certify vaccination documents for you, including COVID-19 records and test results if necessary. HIPAA compliant, trusted and secure.

Private Portal Features

Sign Up

Step #1

Sign Up

  • Access your private portal
  • Immediately receive Vax Certificate, Vax Badge and unique Business Vax QR Code

Employees ICON

Step #2

Upload Employee Email Addresses

  • Set frequency of communication
  • to receive vaccination and medical records from your constituents
  • Deploy and manage the document request process
Collect Docs ICON

Step #3

The System Collects Vaccination and Medical Records Automatically From Your Constituents or Employees

  • Vaccination records
  • Weekly test results
  • Exemption documents
  • Signed HIPAA form
  • Other medical records
Manage ICON

Easy Manage

  • View and manage all documents from the private portal
  • Start/stop correspondence for all or individual Constituents or Employees
  • Dashboard for easy management of all features
Access Share ICON

Easy Access/Share

  • Scan or click your unique Vax Badge to view your Vax Certificate and all vaccination records and medical documents
  • Scan your unique Vax QR Code for offline access to your Vax Certificate
  • Share your private link to show validation and proof of all records

Vax Validated Memberships

From a free personal plan to unlimited employees.  We’ve got a plan that fits your business.

Add Group ICON

Business Silver

Up to 50 Employees or Constituents $9 month

Group ICON

Business Gold

Up to 100 Employees or Constituents $30 month

Group ICON

Business Platinum

Up to 500 Employees or Constituents $46 month

Enterprise ICON

Business Platinum Plus

Unlimited Employees or Constituents $55 month

add-contact ICON

Personal Gold

1 Person
$4 Month


Personal Free

1 Person

Streamlined Employee COVID-19 Records and Processes


Procures, organizes and consistently updates all vaccination and medical records of your employees or constituents. Automated system.

Secure and immediate access to all documents.

Dashboard interface for easy document management and control of all features.

Provides proof of corporate health and safety. Certified system with easy sharing via digital linked badge and unique QR code.

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Start Your Platinum Membership Now

For reception areas, guest counters, desktops and more…

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Continue your Platinum Membership after your free trial and we’ll send you this elegant glass-framed Vax Badge with your unique business Vax QR Code on it to display in your business. When your Business Vax QR Code is scanned with any mobile device, your Vax Certificate immediately appears.

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