Collect, track, manage, and share vaccine and medical records.

Hassle-free and easy to use.

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Why are we different?

The Simple Solution for Collecting and Organizing All Vaccination Records for Businesses, Institutions and Individuals

Easily Access Vaccination Records

Dozens of vaccination records, including Flu, Polio, Hepatitus, and COVID-19 have to be collected and organized by businesses, hospitals, educational institutions, travel venues, and numerous organizations, their students, employees, members and customers.

Do you have your critical business or personal vaccination records organized, updated and readily available to show as proof when needed?

Instantly Available
With a click of a button, Vax Validated collects and organizes all vaccination records for you safely, certifies your records and makes them available to share when needed with your unique Vax Certificate, Vax Badge and Vax QR Code. It’s that easy!
Simple QR Codes
Don’t waste time reading forms and searching around for your vaccines. Generate a QR code for easy vaccine retrieval.
The Vax Validated Badge
Vax Validate your business, organization, institution or yourself and automatically collect and organize all pertinent vaccination records in one place. Display the Certificate and Badge for compliance purposes, and demonstrate the health and safety of your environment and your life to the world.

How Much Will I Pay?

Paper-based vaccination and health records are easy to lose and definitely not travel-friendly. A subscription with Vax Validated is a worry-free, secure solution for your valuable and private records. Our software is HIPAA compliant, trusted and secure.


This free solution for one person offers online and printable Vax Certificates



Online and printable Vax Certificates
Vax Validated Digital Badge with HTML script for web, email, blogs, newsletters, social media

Vax Validated software communicates directly with your employees, students, staff, members, and constituents to collect, organize and certify vaccination documents for you, including COVID-19 records and test results if necessary. HIPAA compliant, trusted and secure.


Best for small businesses and covers up to 50 employees.



Best for medium-sized businesses and covers up to 150 employees



Covers up to 500 employees and is our most popular subscription plan

Platinum Plus


Best for Enterprises Businesses who need unlimited accounts

Why You Need Us

Unique services that simplify and automate the process for you

Automatically collects and organizes the documents for you.

Secure and immediate access to all documents.

Dashboard interface for easy document management and control of all features.

Provides proof of corporate or personal health and safety.

Certified system with easy sharing via digital linked badge and unique QR code.

Consistently updates all corporate or personal vaccination and medical records with an easy, streamlined approach.

Professional reports with a click of a button.

Conveniently priced with a package for any budget.

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